Calendar 2020

Indoor meetings are held from September to May on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. These are illustrated talks on a wide range of general specialist, local and world-wide natural history subjects.

Meetings are held at the Fleur-de-lis hall (off Gatefield Lane, between Preston Street and Newton Road). Doors open at 7:30pm, our meetings start at 8pm and normally conclude at 10pm. Free parking is available in the central car park (off Bank St by the Swimming pool) from 7pm. Outdoor meetings (field trips) are held at least once a month throughout the year, mostly at weekends but occasionally on other days, with some evening trips in the Summer. These trips are mainly local and to areas of interest relevant to the season.

• Annual Membership (April – March)..........£10 (payable in April)

• Fees per indoor meeting..................Members £2.........Non Members £4

• Fees for outdoor meetings..............Members FREE......Non Members £2

January 2020


Weds 1st January (outdoor) - David Raines Memorial Walk
Meet at 10am in Faversham car park in Bank Street, ME13 8PR. Our winter walk beside Faversham Creek, Ham Marshes to the "Shipwrights Arms" and back

Tues 14th January (indoor) - Harvest Mice
Steve Kirk who is running the Kent Harvest Mice Survey, with his talk on the lifestyle, habitat requirements and distribution of Kent Harvest Mice.

Saturday 18th January 2020 (outdoor) - Oare Marshes
A winter walk for wildfowl, waders and rapters etc on our local nature reserver. Meet at 10am in Oare March car park, TR013 647, ME130QA

February 2020


Tues 11th Feb (indoor) - Bears & Wildwood Trust
An update on some of Wildwoods current projects (Dormice, Water Voles etc) by Suzanne Kynaston. Suzanne is based at the Wildwood Trust near Herne and Bears are the specialist subject of Suzanne.

Sun 23rd Feb (outdoor) - Oare Gunpowder Works
A local area to visit for wintering birds and early spring plants. Meet at 10am in Oare Gunpowder Works off Bysing Wood Road. TR 001 622

March 2020


Tues 10th March (indoor) - Birds of Venezuela
A talk by Tony Morris with lots of colourful images of wildlife from a country in South America which is now difficult to access.

Sat 14th March (outdoor) - Pett Dane Wood, Eastling
A visit to an area of mixed woodland and farmland for birds & plants. Meet at 10am in Eastling Church car park off Kettle Hill Road, TQ 965 565 ME13 0BA. Note some steep banks are included in the walk.

April 2020


Tues 14th April (indoor) - Short AGM
Please feel free to contact a committee member before the AGM with any questions that need to be raised, to allow time to resolve them before the meeting. Membership FEES DUE. Followed by TURTLE DOVES by Nicole Khan.Nicole is the RSPBs Turtle Dove Officer and will explain her role in the attempted conservation of this once common bird which was the "sound of summer".

Sun 26th April (outdoor) - Spuckles Wood
A visit for Bluebells, Early Purple Orchids, Cowslips, Hellebores and woodland birds. Meet at 9.30am in Stalisfield Green, park by the village hill and we will walk to the wood. TQ 965 528. ME13 0HY.

May 2020


Sat 2nd May (outdoor) - Conyer Creek
A walk for nightingales, Warblers, Cucoos, Turtle Doves, early Butterflies and plants. Meet at 9.30am in Conyer, park on the left of the Quay before the Ship Pub. TQ962 648 E9 9HL.

Tues 12th May (indoor) - Owls
The Kent Owl Academy will bring along some British Owls, perhaps some foreign ones too, explain their biology etc and fly them spectaculary in the hall.

Sun 24th May (outdoor) - Darland Banks
A walk along the chalk download banks for plants including Man Orchids (1000s) also Adonis and small blue Butterflies etc. Meet at 9.30am at end of Star Lane, Gillingham TQ 786 659. (turn left at Star Pub traffic lights from A2 into Darland Avenue and onto Star Lane)

June 2020


Tues 9th June (outdoor) - Faversham Creek
An evening walk along the creek plus a social hour or so in the Shipwrights Arms. Meet at 7.00pm in the Shipwrights Arms car park. TR 017 636. ME13 7TU.

Sat 27th June (outdoor) - Nightjar & Woodcock visit
Contact Trevor Hatton 077709925613 or David Perrin 01795 426410 in the week proceeding for the venue and start time.

July 2020


Sat 11th July (outdoor) - Bredhurst Woods / Strawberry Park
A walk for butterflies, Orchids and other chalk download plants in this well managed reserve. Meet at 9.30am in Hurstwood Road, Bredhurst, ME7 3LA TA 789 622. Do not park in church car park.

Tues 14th July (outdoor) - Oare Gunpowder Works.
An evening walk for general interest and watching the Bats over the lakes and the visitor centre. Meet at 7.00pm at the Gunpowder works entrance off Bysing Wood Road TR 001 622.

August 2020


Sat 8th Aug (outdoor) - Queendown Warren
A visit to an area of chalk downland for its plants and Butterflies - Autumn Ladies Tresses, Bee Orchid, Autumn Gentian, Adonis Blue, Chalkhill Blue and Silver Spotted Skipper. Meet at 9.30am in the reserve car park TQ 833 633 off Warren Lane, Hartlip.

Tues 11th Aug (outdoor) - Abbey Fields, Faversham
An evening walk by the Abbey Fields and Faversham Creek for general flora and birds. Meet at 7.00pm at the end of Abbey Fields Road. TR 023 616.

September 2020


Tues 8th Sep (indoor) - Iceland
A talk by Brian Nobbs about the specialised wild life, scenery and geology of this isolated volanic island.

Sun 13th Sep (outdoor) - Conyer Creek
An early autumn visit for migrating waders, wildfowl, late flowering plants and insects. Meet at 9.30am, park on the left of the Quay, Conyer before the Ship Pub TQ 962 648 ME99HL.

October 2020


Tues 13th Oct (indoor) - Seals and other Coastal wildlife
A talk by Russel Miles, following his interesting talk on Hares last year. This presentation is about our wildlife, especially interesting coastal wildlife.

Sat 24th Oct (outdoor) - Perry Woods for Fungi
Meet at 10.00am in Perry woods car park, south of Selling. TR 044 556 for a funal foray in this mixed woodland area. NO COLLECTING

November 2020


Tues 10th Nov (indoor) - History of the Countryside
A talk by Martin Newcombe with interesting illustrations of why the countryside has developed the way it has and how to look for signs & causes of damage.

Sun 15th Nov (outdoor) - Stodmarsh
An afternoon walk for wildfowl and the chance to see the Harriers coming into roost in the reedbeds. Meet at 2.00pm in Stodmarsh Reserve car park TR 221 609, turn at the Red Lion pub. CT3 4BA in Stodmarsh, onto the track to the reserve car park.

December 2020


Tues 8th Dec (indoor) - Travels to Exotic Place and the Christmas Social
Our regular speaker Barry Wright will entertain us with talks on his this years travels to exotic far flung places inbetween feasting on a selection of provided seasonal foods and drink. (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), 40 minutes talk, 45 minutes social and 30 minutes talk.

Sun 13t Dec (outdoor) - Lower Halstow

A walk round Halstow Creek for wintering waders and wildfowl. Meet at 10am, parking in Lapwing Drive, Lower Halstow. ME9 0LW. TQ 856 674.

Fri 1st Jan 2021 (outdoor) - David Raines Memorial Walk

Meet at 10.00am in Faversham car park in Bank Street, ME13 8PR. Our winter walk beside Faversham Creek, Ham Marshes to the Shipwrights Arms and back.

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